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A virtual office is a  paid-for service to get an actual address that an entrepreneur can use as their own for their business. The office address is a real office, but there is no need for a tenancy agreement. Mail is received in this office and sent to the client’s residential address. So, it’s a genuine office address that can be used on a company’s website to receive mail and to register with ACRA.

From solopreneurs to recognized brands,  a lot of companies use virtual offices.  However, they aren’t appropriate for everyone, such as consultants working from home as a side gig for whom location isn’t an issue because their contracts are signed with websites.

At We Share Spaces, our virtual office comes with a host of other services which s is useful  when the business expands and grows.  We provide flexibility in renting out work desks and also conference room per hour, days or for the longer term.

A virtual office is one of the most efficient ways for businesses to develop a presence in their industry, build reliability and  meet the client on an ad-hoc basis in a presentable meeting room.

3 advantages of a virtual office

Cost Efficiency

For SMEs , office costs are reduced while running a side hustle or a full business. Entrepreneurs can work from the house  and meet their customers in the workplace. Meeting rooms are for rent. If you need to fulfil a customer’s requirement, you could rent an office for a day and guide them to the address that in your website.


Appropriate, for small businesses or the self-employed that operates from their residence to keep their home address private.  Working from home can conserve a lot of money in the first few years of the business. It likewise indicates providing customers with your private address. Using a virtual office service ensures that your home address won’t appear on public websites; consequently you can keep your house address out of the public domain name.

Corporate Solutions

Virtual offices afford customers the capacity to add as well as subtract solutions, à la carte. Some services include mailing forwardingVoIP phone system accessible by a smartphone app,  reception services, corporate secretary, accounting and other on-demand resources.

When starting a company with We Share Spaces, you can select a virtual office address during the registration process and set it all up in no time. You can get started over here:

We Share Spaces company registration service.