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New Company, New Corporate Address:  All virtual!

Pair your virtual office with a physical one.

Signing up for your virtual office in Singapore will be just one of the ways that you will see your business begin to grow.
Are you suffering from constant disruptions to your workflow? If you seek to get away from your home office for the day, We Share Spaces offers day passes, which allow our members to access their private offices when they need it.
Distractions are minimal with your own private office with wi-fi and additional corporate services. You will be happy with our staff who will do it all for you at your virtual office in Singapore.

Mail Transfer Singapore
Mail Transfer Singapore

Save Money and Time with a Virtual Office

If you think that having a virtual office is expensive, think again! Consider it as part of the cost of doing business. A virtual office plan gives you ample flexibility at a fraction of the cost of leasing a traditional office space, with its long lease and maintenance/utility costs.
A virtual office address with additional corporate services and service office options can be a huge lifesaver in terms of time and money. You are saving time by not commuting to work! You are saving money by not using your car (think of the savings in gas, parking, regular car wear and tear) or by not lunching out.
Work from home, or travel abroad, while maintaining the support and presence of a professional office.

Low Cost Virtual Office Address in Singapore with Unlimited Monthly Mail Forwarding

Consider getting a registered office address and adding our unlimited monthly mail forwarding service. You are working from home, and you think you are saving money by self-collecting your mail every month. With this package, you can manage your time more effectively! Let our professional staff take care of your mail which will be forwarded to you every month, while you focus on growing your business.
Don’t waste time to travel to the office by car or by bus and the money you spend on gas and parking. Get a good deal with our packages. Reduce stress from not having to drive in congested traffic along with PIE to and from the office.
When you subscribe to our unlimited mail forwarding service, you also get the peace of mind of maintaining social distancing in this post-COVID-19 world.

Cheapest Virtual Office Package

with unlimited mail transfer

Whether its 1 or 50 letters a month.  We mail it out to you.
No top-ups,  Just one great rate.
Don’t waste time and money self-collecting your mail. 
Keep your residential address private. Get a virtual  office address Singapore. 

I prefer to get my letters on a weekly basis

Virtual Office Singapore

Benefits of Having a Virtual Office Address: It is Worth it!!!

A virtual office service from We Share Spaces allows people who run businesses from home to have a professional, public-facing business address to use on their business cards and marketing materials.
If you do not want your residential address to become public information is already a good enough reason to consider signing up for a virtual office solutions. And if you have to meet a potential customer face-to-face, rather than meeting at a local coffee shop, you can rent out a temporary workspace,  conference room,  meeting room or daily offices. But these are not the only reasons why you may want to consider using one.

As a virtual office provider in Singapore, you can look at the additional services that We Share Spaces has to offer. In addition to having a registered business address, we also offer mail forwarding, business IP telephony, personal assistant and accounting/book-keeping services. Additionally your team grows you could opt for a physical office space in the future.

I want my letters scanned instead