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Virtual Office Bundle

From $68.00

Which plan fits your budget and your needs?

Our virtual office includes business address registration and FREE mail notification via email.

Would you like us to FORWARD your MAIL?
We highly recommend that you choose to forward it on a weekly basis. However, if you want a more cost-effective solution and can wait, we can collect your mail and forward it ONCE per month. You save as much as 25% with our annual packages.
I don't need any of the services above. Do you have other options?
Our "PP Consumable" is an add-on to your main subscription. You pay upfront $38, which can be topped up. Listed below are some of the cases where you can use the funds from the "PP Consumable" pool. Once the annual subscription expires, we refund you the outstanding balance. Fast Mail: $2.00/letter: regular mail rates, great for urgent mail (ie, cheques) that you need posted on the next day. Scan: $2.00/page for ad-hoc scanning services. Cheque Deposit: $12/trip to manually deposit a cheque to DBS/OCBC/UOB. Scan & Forward: $20 annual mail forward for all scanned letters at Phone Top-up: local calls are charged at $0.017/ min top up for phone minutes**