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Private Offices

Social distancing…. No problem. Our desks are 1 meter apart.  Our rooms have large comfortable tables, spacious enough if you need to fit  2 to 5 people.  If you need to to make a video call or send a large attachment, simply connect to our inclusive WIFI network and start working immediately on our private offices.


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Need an office during uncertain times?

Our private offices with corporate services help companies who want to weather the COVID-19 uncertainty. We offer you peace of mind by reducing overhead costs while maintaining a fully operational office at a fraction of the cost of renting a full office space.

Why us?

  • We specialize in private rooms
  • No communal co-working spaces
  • No crowded conference rooms
  • Private restroom in the unit

Satellite Office

Our private offices help companies that want to rent satellite offices for 6+ month for their employees who currently work from home. By reducing the risk of congregating the whole staff in the main office, you can increase productivity and guarantee business continuity in a safe office environment.


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Germicide wipes in every room

No communal coworking spaces

Frequent Sanitation

Our Offices

With  larger desks for a more comfortable working environment and maintain social distancing.  Perfect for those who want to weather the COVID-19 uncertainty by reducing overhead costs while maintaining a fully operational office unlike renting an entire unit.

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Our office has marble walk ways, well lighted reception area,  wall paper in the rooms for a more cohesive look  which makes the office  more upscale.  Never be embarrassed to invite your client for a meeting inside your private office or in your meeting room.  

We Share Workspace


This is a flexible workspace you can book by the day.  Each sign up is for 2 users only.

What You'll get:

   Daily workspace usage*.
*Our office hour: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm, Mon-Fri
(Except eve of public holiday, public holidays, and otherwise informed)

   Complimentary Wi-Fi fiber broadband usage

   Shared private office suite; enjoy your privacy and comfort of a standard office.

   Complimentary pantry and beverages


Supporting services available:

   Meeting room available at $15 an hour

   Photocopying, scanning, printing services at $1.00 a page