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Traditional Offices

Traditional offices usually offer the cheapest rental per square feet “PSF”. It is ideal for firms that have a larger team. In choosing an office space, there are a few options but, most likely traditional offices would require a long-term lease. Some offices come fitted with lights, partitions and air-con. Other offices are bare where you would have to renovate, buy the furniture and decorate to your taste. Aside from paying rent, businesses will have to pay additional fees such as utilities (SP, internet, etc). Tenants will also need to take into account maintenance such as air condition servicing and a cleaning lady. With a traditional office, access is 24/7. The business enters a long-term agreement and when the contract comes to an end,  and your business moves out, the tenant is accountable for altering the space back to how it was when they first moved in.

Coworking Space

A coworking space offers a more relaxed ambience in comparison to traditional offices. Tastefully furnished it usually comes with a pantry and meeting rooms. Coworking spaces are usually designed for collaboration using an open floor plan style.  As coworking spaces provide a shared environment, they support social interaction and open communication. The design will vary from in different spaces, but generally, spaces are bigger spaces with hundreds of members using the space at different times.  There are common areas where you can mingle, and some of the coworking spaces offer private spaces separated by a glass wall that you could choose to rent. You can level up as and when you need more space or level down when times are hard.

Private Offices

Private offices are a cross between a traditional workspace and a coworking space. It is perfect for companies that need a more focused, distraction-free environment to work. Socializing in open spaces is kept to a minimum as everyone has their own dedicated, fully-furnished private room. Shared office spaces are perfect in a situation in which different companies share office rooms to get the convenience of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, cleaning, aircon maintenance, receptionist and corporate services.  Prices can be cheaper than that of co-working spaces as they often charge per room. You can bring as many files as you want and decorate your room.   Access is 24/7 to your own office.   Unlike co-working spaces, private offices are unbranded and less crowded, giving the tenant a sense of their own permanent place.


Traditional Office

Coworking Space

Private Office

Infrastructure and amenities

Build your own


The most essential amenities


You will only see your team members and guests

Hundreds of members coming in and out at different times

Your room is private but  you will know your neighbours


No distraction

More distraction

Distraction – free private office

Branded Environment

You can put your name on the door

The name of the coworking space is prominent

Not obvious that it is a shared environment


You could decorate to your taste

Fixed environment

The tables and the chairs are mostly fixed but decorate the room as you want


Cheapeast PSF

Most expensive running cost

Can be expensive as you want more privacy

Cheap running cost.  Cheaper rates because its a per room basis