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Mail Forwarding Service in Singapore for your Business

We receive your mail, scan or send them to your home so you can keep your residential address private.

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Mail Forwarding

The perfect solution for companies that do not have a physical office.  Our mail handling services is the ideal solution for small businesses or start-ups that do not want to disclose  their residential address to their business associates and clients. We provide you with a business address and a wide range of mail forwarding service in Singapore  to meet your needs. Add our address to your business card and instantly gain a more professional appearance without the need for renting a traditional office. Our mail forwarding services run efficiently and save you valuable time in the process. No more waiting for the courier to deliver during their delivery time windows, or making unnecessary trips to the post office to collect your packages.

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Mail forwarding at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed business and personal routines, forcing us to reconsider the normal flow of our professional life. We are out of the Circuit Breaker phase, but working conditions remain challenging. People continue to work from home part-time or full time. But businesses still need to have access to their mail to monitor cheques, statements, bills. Our mail forwarding service, which was already extremely popular in the pre-pandemic world, makes even more sense now as part of the new normal. The mail transfer service options are even more valuable these days, as we enforce social distancing. As businesses reduce face-to-face meetings and office interactions, there will be more and more on courier services to handle their mail. At We Share Spaces, the mail forwarding service is easy to set up, and we guarantee security and confidentiality. We scan or forward your mail to any address of your choice.

Company Address + Mail Transfer

Safe and no hassle.

Don’t waste time.

Save on parking.

Don’t commute to the office.

Protect your privacy.

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Flexible mail forwarding services: your mail is safe in our hands

Our team is fast and efficient: we make sure you do not have to walk to our office to get your mail. You get a set of options to choose from on how to handle your mail like scanning, archiving, shredding, or recycling. Select your preferred option, and we will handle your letters and packages the way you want us to. We provide incoming mail notification to your email. Our affordable mail forwarding Singapore provides you with flexible options, delivering your mail weekly or monthly. You can also indicate whether you want your mail forwarded to you on a weekly or monthly basis. Need even more options?  Upon request, we offer the option of scanning all your incoming mail and have it sent into your inbox.

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