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SSIC2020 March

SSIC 2020SSIC Description of Business
01111Growing of leafy and fruit vegetables
01112Growing of mushrooms
01113Growing of root crops
01119Growing of food crops (non-hydroponics) n.e.c.
01120Growing of leafy and fruit vegetables (hydroponics)
01130Growing of fruits
01141Growing of orchids
01142Growing of ornamental plants
01149Growing of nursery products n.e.c.
01190Growing of other crops
01411Pig farms
01412Cattle farms (including dairy cattle)
01413Goat farms (including goat's milk production)
01421Poultry breeding/hatcheries
01422Broiler farms (chickens reared for meat)
01423Layer farms (chickens reared for eggs)
01424Duck farms
01491Dog breeding
01492Bird breeding
01493Crocodile farms
01494Frog farms
01499Other animal production n.e.c.
01500Growing of crops combined with animal production (mixed farming)
01600Agricultural and animal husbandry service activities except veterinary activities
02000Forestry, logging and related service activities
03101Fishing in kelongs
03102Ocean fishing except fishing in kelongs
03103Coastal fishing except fishing in kelongs
03109Fishing n.e.c.
03201Food fish farms
03202Ornamental fish farms
03209Operation of fish hatcheries and fish farms n.e.c. (including turtle, prawn, crab, mussel farms)
08101Stone quarrying
08102Quarrying of sand and clay
08900Other mining and quarrying
09001Crude petroleum and natural gas production
09002Service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction (excluding surveying and engineering design and consultancy services supporting mining, oil and gas extraction and offshore exploration activities)
10101Slaughtering of livestock and poultry
10102Manufacture of sausage
10103Preparing, canning and preserving of livestock and livestock products (including lard and other edible animal fats)
10104Preparing, canning and preserving of poultry and poultry products
10109Processing and preserving of meat and meat products n.e.c.
10200Processing and preserving of seafood
10301Manufacture of jams (including fruit jelly)
10302Other canning and preserving of fruits and fruit juices
10303Other canning and preserving of vegetables and vegetable juices (including pickles)
10401Manufacture of edible vegetable and animal oils and fats
10402Manufacture of inedible vegetable and animal oils and fats
10409Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats n.e.c.
10501Manufacture of condensed and evaporated milk (including pasteurising and bottling of fluid milk)
10502Manufacture of milk powder
10503Manufacture of ice-cream
10509Manufacture of dairy products n.e.c. (e.g. butter, cheese, ice-cream mixes and powder, yoghurt)
10611Rice milling
10612Wheat milling
10613Provision of milling services
10619Manufacture of grain mill products n.e.c.
10620Manufacture of starches and starch products
10711Manufacture of biscuits (including wafers and cones)
10712Manufacture of bread, cakes and confectionery (excluding frozen bakery products)
10719Manufacture of bakery products n.e.c.
10720Manufacture of sugar and sugar products
10731Manufacture of cocoa and chocolate powder from beans
10732Manufacture of chocolate and chocolate products
10733Manufacture of non-chocolate confectionery (e.g. sweets, toffees, crystallised fruits, chewing gums)
10740Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, vermicelli and other related products
10750Manufacture of cooked-food preparations (e.g. frozen dinners)
10761Manufacture of instant beverages
10762Processing of coffee seeds
10763Manufacture of coffee powder
10764Manufacture of tea (including processing of tea leaves)
10765Manufacture of non-dairy creamer
10791Manufacture of sauces including soya bean sauce (e.g. tomato sauce, chilli sauce)
10792Manufacture of soya bean products except soya bean sauce and soya bean milk
10793Manufacture and processing of spices (including curry powder and spice extracts)
10794Manufacture of chips, crackers and other titbits (excluding biscuits and confectionery)
10799Manufacture of other food products n.e.c. (except food chemicals and additives)
10800Manufacture of prepared animal feeds (including additives for animal feed)
11010Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits; ethyl alcohol production from fermented materials (including samsu and Chinese liquors)
11020Manufacture of wines
11030Manufacture of malt liquors and malt (e.g. beer and stout)
11041Manufacture of soft drinks, production of mineral waters (including carbonated waters, soya bean milk, barley water, chrysanthemum water)
11042Manufacture of cordials, syrups and composite concentrates for beverages
11043Manufacture of ice except dry ice
12001Manufacture of cigarettes
12009Manufacture of tobacco products n.e.c. (e.g. cigars, loose tobacco)
13100Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles
13910Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics and laces
13921Manufacture of curtains, pillow cases, bed sheets and bed spreads
13922Manufacture of other made-up house furnishings (e.g. napkins, table cloths)
13929Manufacture of made-up textile articles except apparel n.e.c. (e.g. scrolls, flags and sails, banners, canvas products, cushions, pillows)
13930Manufacture of carpets and rugs
13940Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
13990Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c. (e.g. upholstery filling)
14101Manufacture of outer garments
14102Manufacture of brassieres and other undergarments
14103Tailoring and dressmaking (to individual order)
14109Manufacture of wearing apparel except fur apparel n.e.c. (e.g. songkoks, caps, gloves and mittens, garters, handkerchiefs, raincoats, shawls and hair nets)
14200Manufacture of fur apparel and articles of fur (e.g. fur rugs, mats and cushions)
14301Manufacture of socks, stockings and other hosiery
14302Manufacture of briefs, singlets and other knitted or crocheted wear (e.g. pullovers, cardigans)
14309Manufacture of knitted and crocheted apparel n.e.c.
15110Tanning and dressing of leather; dressing and dyeing of fur
15121Manufacture of luggage, bags, brief cases and the like
15122Manufacture of handbags
15129Manufacture of saddlery, harness and articles of leather n.e.c. (e.g. coin purses, key cases)
15200Manufacture of footwear
16102Preservation of wood
16109Sawmilling and planing of wood n.e.c.
16211Manufacture of plywood and veneer
16219Manufacture of laminboard, particle board and other panels and boards n.e.c.
16291Manufacture of wooden window, door and other millwork, except prefabricated wooden building structures
16292Manufacture of household and kitchen wooden ware except wooden footwear
16293Manufacture of wooden containers
16294Manufacture of attap and attap products
16295Rattan processing
16299Manufacture of other products of wood and articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials n.e.c.
17010Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard
17021Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard
17022Manufacture of containers and boxes of paper and paperboard
17091Manufacture of joss paper and other related ceremonial paper products (including effigies and other funeral paper goods and Chinese lanterns)
17092Manufacture of sanitary towels, toilet paper, paper towels, disposable diapers and related paper products
17093Manufacture of paper cups, plates and utensils
17094Manufacture of cards, envelopes and stationery, unprinted
17099Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard n.e.c. (e.g. papier mache, wallpaper)
18111Printing of newspapers
18112Printing of periodicals, books and magazines
18113Commercial printing (e.g. printing of brochures, cards, envelopes, labels and stationery)
18114Printing of continuous and fan-fold forms
18115Silk screen printing (including metal printing)
18119Printing n.e.c.
18121Bookbinding (e.g. book packaging)
18122Colour separation
18129Service activities related to printing n.e.c. (including plate-making)
18200Reproduction of recorded media (including reproduction of phonograph records, recorded magnetic tapes, compact discs and non-customised software)
19100Manufacture of coke oven products
19201Petroleum refineries
19202Manufacture of petroleum lubricating oil
19209Manufacture of refined petroleum products n.e.c.
20111Manufacture of industrial gases and dry ice
20112Manufacture of basic industrial acids and alkalis
20113Manufacture of basic chemicals except fertilisers and nitrogen
20114Manufacture of solvents
20119Manufacture of basic chemicals n.e.c.
20120Manufacture of fertilisers and nitrogen compounds
20131Manufacture of petrochemical primary products (e.g. olefins, aromatics, basic building blocks)
20132Manufacture of derivatives and intermediates produced from basic building blocks (e.g. acetyls, acrylics, oxochemicals, styrene, phenolic, ethylene oxide derivatives and polymers)
20133Manufacture of synthetic rubber
20210Manufacture of pesticides and other agro-chemical products (including insecticides, herbicides and disinfectants)
20221Manufacture of paints
20222Manufacture of varnishes and lacquers (including enamels)
20229Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings and mastics n.e.c.
20231Manufacture of soap, detergents, washing and other cleaning preparations
20232Manufacture of perfumes and fragrances
20233Manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries
20234Manufacture of waxes and polishes and deodorising preparations
20241Manufacture of food chemicals and additives (e.g. flavours, preservatives and colourings)
20242Manufacture of additives for mineral oil (e.g. lubricant and fuel additives)
20249Manufacture of additives n.e.c.
20291Manufacture of epoxy moulding compounds and phenolic moulding compounds
20292Manufacture of ultrapure electronic chemicals, materials and laminates
20293Manufacture of water treatment, waste treatment and oilfield chemicals
20294Manufacture of inks, dyestuffs, pigments and carbon black
20295Manufacture of photographic film, paper, plate and chemicals
20296Manufacture of adhesives and sealants
20297Manufacture of catalysts and catalyst regeneration
20298Manufacture of biofuels
20299Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c. (e.g. gelatin and derivatives, laundry blue, explosives, processed salts, industrial starch, incense and joss sticks, camphor products)
20300Manufacture of man-made fibres except glass
21011Manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals for human use
21012Manufacture of pharmaceutical products and preparations for human use (e.g. tableted products)
21013Manufacture of pharmaceutical products for veterinary use
21021Manufacture of vaccines for human use
21022Manufacture of other biological products and preparations for human use
21023Manufacture of biological products and preparations for veterinary use
21030Manufacture of Traditional Chinese Medicine
22111Processing of rubber (including processing of rubber latex)
22112Grading and packing of rubber
22119Processing of natural gums n.e.c. (e.g. gum damar, jelutong)
22121Manufacture of tyres and tubes
22122Retreading and vulcanising of tyres
22191Manufacture of foam rubber products (excluding foam rubber mattresses)
22192Manufacture of rubber automotive parts
22193Manufacture of industrial and mechanical rubber goods
22194Manufacture of rubber floorings
22199Manufacture of other rubber products n.e.c. (except rubber footwear and toys)
22211Manufacture of plastic tableware, household and kitchen ware (excluding disposable utensils)
22212Manufacture of styrofoam and plastic disposable utensils
22213Manufacture of plastic sheet, film and articles thereof (e.g. polythene and polypropylene bags)
22214Manufacture of plastic bottles, boxes and containers (except for household use)
22215Manufacture of plastic pipes and tubes
22216Manufacture of plastic precision engineering parts
22217Manufacture of PVC files, holders and albums
22218Manufacture of plastic cable ties
22219Manufacture of plastic products n.e.c. (except plastic footwear and toys)
22220Plastic product services
23100Manufacture of glass and glass products (including yarn of glass fibres)
23911Manufacture of bricks
23912Manufacture of tiles, pipes and channels (including clay roofing, wall and floor tiles, and earthen and glazed pipes)
23919Manufacture of clay products n.e.c.
23931Manufacture of plumbing fixtures and fittings of vitreous china, china and earthenware (e.g. sinks, closets, bowls)
23939Manufacture of other porcelain and ceramic products n.e.c.
23940Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
23951Manufacture of ready-mix concrete
23959Manufacture of articles of concrete, cement and plaster n.e.c. (except precast concrete components)
23960Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone (including tomb-stones and furniture of stone or marble)
23991Manufacture of asbestos products except asbestos paper
23992Manufacture of fibreglass and fibreglass products
23993Manufacture of other insulation products (e.g. ceramic IC packages, refractory materials, rock wool products, insulation services)
23994Manufacture of non-structural pre-cast components (e.g. lightweight partitions, secondary roof slabs)
23995Manufacture of asphalt premix
23999Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c. (e.g. graphite products)
24101Iron and steel rolling mills
24102Manufacture of ferrous metal alloys
24109Manufacture of basic iron and steel n.e.c. (including smelting)
24201Tin smelting
24202Manufacture of non-ferrous metal alloys
24209Manufacture of basic precious and non-ferrous metals n.e.c.
24310Iron and steel foundries
24320Non-ferrous metal foundries
25111Manufacture of metal doors, window and door frames, grilles and gratings
25112Manufacture of metal strips and slabs (e.g. awnings)
25113Manufacture of metal pipes and tubes
25114Manufacture of steel structural component
25119Manufacture of structural metal products n.e.c. (e.g. metal sections, corrugated sheets)
25120Manufacture and repair of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal (e.g. metal cylinders, storage vessels and containers for compressed or liquefied gas)
25131Manufacture and repair of heating boilers, radiators and correctors (including parts)
25139Manufacture and repair of steam generators n.e.c. (except central heating hot water boilers)
25200Manufacture and repair of weapons and ammunition (e.g. ordnance and accessories)
25911Iron and steel and non-ferrous forgings
25912Manufacture of metal caps (e.g. crown corks)
25913Manufacture of leadframe
25914Metal stampings except metal caps
25919Pressing and roll-forming of metal and powder metallurgy n.e.c.
25921Electroplating and plating of metals and formed products
25922Polishing of metals and formed products
25923Rustproofing of metals and formed products
25924Heat treatment for metals
25929Metal product services n.e.c.
25931Manufacture of table, kitchen and other cutlery
25932Manufacture of hand and edge tools
25939Manufacture of general hardware (including blacksmith shops) n.e.c. (e.g. locks and keys, hinges, clamps, hooks)
25941Manufacture of uninsulated wire (e.g. electronic component wire, bonding wire)
25949Manufacture of metal wire and cable products n.e.c.
25951Manufacture of tinplate cans
25952Manufacture of other tinplate and zinc articles (e.g. pails, buckets, dustbins)
25959Manufacture of metal cans, containers and related products n.e.c. (e.g. barrels, steel drums, kegs)
25991Manufacture of sanitary ware of enamelled iron and metal and plumbers' ware of brass
25992Manufacture of plumbing, heating and related products (including parts) except electric
25993Manufacture of bolts, nuts, rivets, fasteners and screw machine products
25994Manufacture of pipe fittings
25995Manufacture of springs
25996Manufacture of kitchen and household utensils (e.g. steel shelf, showcase counters, kitchen trolleys display racks, sink bowls and other customised kitchen equipment)
25997Manufacture of metal precision components
25998Slitting, shearing and pasting of metal sheeting
25999Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c. (including voice coil magnets)
26111Manufacture of discrete devices (e.g. diodes, light-emitting diodes, transistors and rectifiers)
26112Semiconductor wafer fabrication
26113Assembly and testing of semiconductors
26114Manufacture of solar wafers
26115Manufacture of solar cells
26119Manufacture of semiconductor devices n.e.c.
26121Manufacture of capacitors
26122Manufacture of printed circuit boards without electronic parts
26123Manufacture of printed circuit boards with electronic parts
26124Manufacture of piezo-electric devices (e.g. quartz crystals, quartz crystal filters, delay lines)
26125Manufacture of electronic display devices except light emitting diodes
26126Manufacture of electronic connectors
26129Manufacture of other electronic components and boards n.e.c.
26201Manufacture of computers and data processing equipment except computer peripheral equipment
26202Manufacture of disk drives (including CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM drives, optical drives, flash drives, tape drives, solid state drives, storage subsystems)
26203Manufacture of printers
26204Manufacture of smart cards and related products (e.g. smart card readers)
26209Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment n.e.c.
26301Manufacture of telecommunications apparatus (e.g. PBX equipment, telephones except cellular)
26302Manufacture of networking products (e.g. routers, switches)
26303Manufacture of wireless communications equipment (e.g. cellular phones)
26304Manufacture of electronic security systems (including electronic sensors, burglar and fire alarm systems)
26309Manufacture of communications equipment n.e.c.
26400Manufacture of consumer electronics
26511Manufacture and repair of engineering and scientific instruments
26512Manufacture and repair of measuring devices (e.g. meters)
26513Manufacture and repair of process control equipment and related products
26521Manufacture of fully electronic watches and clocks
26522Manufacture of electro-mechanical watches and clocks (e.g. watches and clocks with moving parts and battery)
26523Manufacture of mechanical watches and clocks
26524Manufacture of parts and accessories for watches and clocks
26601Manufacture and repair of electrotherapeutic devices
26602Manufacture and repair of irradiation and electromedical equipment and instruments
26701Manufacture of photographic equipment and parts (including lenses)
26709Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment n.e.c.
26801Manufacture of disk media
26802Manufacture of blank magnetic tapes, diskettes, Blu-ray technology discs, CDs, DVDs and VCDs
27101Manufacture and repair of electric motors
27102Manufacture and repair of electric generators
27103Manufacture and repair of transformers
27104Manufacture and repair of switchgear and switchboard apparatus (including switches, circuit breakers and electrical control panels)
27109Manufacture and repair of electric motors, generators, transformers and electricity distribution and control apparatus n.e.c. (e.g. busbar trunking)
27201Manufacture of primary batteries
27202Manufacture of secondary batteries
27321Manufacture of telecommunications cables and wires
27322Manufacture of electric power cables and wires
27323Manufacture of enamelled wires (used for winding of motors, transformers etc)
27324Manufacture of wire and cable assemblies and harnesses
27329Manufacture of other electronic and electric wires and cables n.e.c.
27330Manufacture and repair of wiring devices
27400Manufacture and repair of electric lamps and lighting equipment (including silver reflectors, fittings and parts)
27501Manufacture of electrical household appliances (e.g. refrigerators, hot plates, toasters, food mixers, cookers, hair dryers, fans, shavers)
27509Manufacture of domestic appliances n.e.c. (e.g. non-electric cooking ranges, grates, stoves)
27901Manufacture of fuel cells
27902Manufacture of electrical machinery, apparatus, appliances and supplies (including sound or visual signalling apparatus, electrical insulators except porcelain or glass)
28111Manufacture and repair of engines and turbines except aircraft, vehicle, cycle and marine engines
28112Manufacture and repair of marine engine
28121Manufacture and repair of pumps (e.g. hydraulic pumps, drainage pumps)
28122Manufacture and repair of taps, cocks and valves
28129Manufacture and repair of pumps, compressors, taps and valves n.e.c.
28141Manufacture of bearings (including disc and ball bearings)
28142Manufacture and repair of gears, gearing and driving elements
28150Manufacture and repair of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners
28161Manufacture and repair of lifting and hoisting machinery except electrical
28162Manufacture and repair of lifts and escalators
28169Manufacture and repair of lifting and handling equipment n.e.c. (including conveying systems and industrial automated systems)
28171Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)
28172Repair and maintenance of office machinery and equipment
28181Manufacture and repair of industrial robots (including Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs))
28182Manufacture and repair of service robots
28189Manufacture and repair of robots n.e.c.
28191Manufacture and repair of refrigerating, air-conditioning and ventilating machinery and equipment except household refrigerators
28192Manufacture and repair of separation/mixing equipment (e.g. filters, separators, mixers)
28193Manufacture and repair of solar modules and panels
28194Manufacture and repair of welding and soldering equipment (including arc welding electrodes)
28195Manufacture and repair of packaging machinery
28199Manufacture and repair of other general purpose machinery and equipment except electrical and electronic n.e.c.
28210Manufacture and repair of agricultural and forestry machinery
28221Manufacture and repair of machinery and machine-tools - metal cutting types (e.g. lathes, milling machines, shaping machines)
28222Manufacture and repair of machinery and machine-tools - metal forming types (e.g. forging press, cold heading machines, press breaks)
28223Manufacture of dies, moulds, tools, jigs and fixtures
28224Manufacture of machine tool accessories (e.g. small cutting tools, precision measuring tools and other attachments such as tool holders)
28225Manufacture and repair of metal additive manufacturing (AM) equipment (including metal powder)
28229Manufacture and repair of metal-forming machinery and machine tools n.e.c. (including metalworking machinery)
28241Manufacture and repair of oil rigs
28242Manufacture and repair of other oilfield and gasfield machinery and equipment (e.g. derricks, tool joints)
28243Manufacture and repair of construction machinery and parts
28249Manufacture and repair of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction n.e.c.
28251Manufacture and repair of machinery for food products processing
28252Manufacture and repair of machinery for beverage production
28253Manufacture and repair of machinery for tobacco processing
28260Manufacture and repair of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production
28271Manufacture of probe cards
28272Manufacture of bonding tools
28273Manufacture and repair of semiconductor assembly and testing equipment (including computer burn-in system)
28274Manufacture and repair of semiconductor foundry equipment
28291Manufacture and repair of water/waste water treatment equipment
28292Manufacture and repair of plastic processing machinery
28293Manufacture and repair of woodworking machinery
28294Manufacture and repair of polymer additive manufacturing (AM) equipment
28299Manufacture and repair of other special purpose machinery n.e.c. (including plating equipment, industrial paint mixers and chemical mixing equipment)
28300Installation of industrial machinery and equipment, mechanical engineering works
29100Manufacture and assembly of motor vehicles
29200Manufacture of motor vehicle bodies (coachwork), trailers and semi-trailers
29300Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles (e.g. engine parts, brakes, clutches, axles, gear boxes)
30110Building and repairing of ships, tankers and other ocean-going vessels (including conversion of ships into off-shore structures)
30120Building and repair of pleasure crafts, lighters and boats
30200Manufacture and repair of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock (including specialised parts except engines, electric motors and signalling equipment)
30301Manufacture and assembly of aircraft and spacecraft (including aircraft engines and other parts)
30302Repair and servicing of aircraft and spacecraft (including aircraft engines and other parts)
30400Manufacture of military fighting vehicles
30910Manufacture and assembly of motorcycles and scooters (including engines and other parts and accessories)
30920Manufacture and assembly of bicycles, tricycles, trishaws and invalid carriages (including parts and accessories)
30990Manufacture of other transport equipment n.e.c. (e.g. carts, wagons)
31001Manufacture of furniture and fixtures of wood (including upholstery)
31002Manufacture of furniture of rattan and cane
31003Manufacture of furniture and fixtures primarily of metal
31004Manufacture of furniture of other materials except primarily of stone, ceramic or concrete
31005Manufacture of window and door screens and shades
31006Manufacture of mattresses including those of foam rubber
31009Manufacture of furniture n.e.c.
32111Manufacture of jewellery except costume jewellery
32112Manufacture of pewter ware
32119Manufacture of jewellery and related articles n.e.c. (except costume jewellery)
32120Manufacture of costume jewellery and related articles
32200Manufacture of musical instruments
32300Manufacture of sporting and athletic goods (including gym, diving and underwater equipment)
32400Manufacture of games and toys
32501Manufacture of medical research and clinical diagnostic instruments and supplies (e.g. reagents)
32502Manufacture of medical disposables and surgical supplies (e.g. test kits, syringes, tubes, fluid administration sets)
32503Manufacture of implantables and artificial limbs (e.g. heart valves, stents, orthopaedic implants)
32504Manufacture of ophthalmic goods (e.g. spectacles, contact lenses and parts)
32509Manufacture of medical and dental tools, instruments and supplies n.e.c.
32901Manufacture of signs and advertising displays (including neon-lighting)
32909Other manufacturing industries n.e.c.
35101Generation of electricity by fossil fuels
35102Generation of electricity by other sources (e.g. solar power, biofuels etc)
35103Transmission, distribution and sale of electricity
35104Other related services (e.g. electricity brokers, meter reading)
35201Manufacture of gas; distribution of gaseous fuels through mains
35202Processing of natural gas
35203Other related services (e.g. arranging for sale of natural gas)
35300Supply of air or water for cooling or heating purposes
36000Collection, purification and distribution of water (including desalination of water)
37000Operation of sewer systems (including sewer treatment facilities)
38100Collection of waste
38200Treatment and disposal of waste (including remediation activities)
38301Recycling of metal waste and scrap
38309Recycling of non-metal waste n.e.c. (e.g. marine clay and oil sludge)
41001General contractors (building construction including major upgrading works)
41002Structural repair contractors
41009Building construction n.e.c.
42101General contractors (non-building construction)
42102Road and railway construction
42103Bridge, tunnel, viaduct and expressway construction
42201Water and gas pipe-line and sewer construction
42202Communications and power line construction
42901Land reclamation works
42902Dam and drainage construction
42903Marine construction (e.g. harbours, piers, docks, wharves)
42909Construction of other civil engineering projects n.e.c. (e.g. playground systems)
43110Wrecking and demolition works
43121Soil investigation, treatment and stabilisation (including grouting and guniting)
43122Excavation and earthmoving works
43129Site preparation n.e.c.
43210Electrical works
43220Installation of plumbing, heating (non-electric) and air-conditioning systems
43291Installation and erection of building equipment (e.g. lifts, escalators, travellators)
43292Installation of fire protection and security alarm systems
43293Installation of building automated systems for remote monitoring
43294Installation of awning and window shades
43295Installation of thermal and sound insulation (including solar control films)
43296Signcraft installation
43299Other construction installation n.e.c.
43301Renovation contractors
43302Tile setting and plastering
43303Joinery and other woodworks (e.g. laminated or parquet flooring)
43304Painting and decorating
43305Glass and glazing works (including mirror and shower screen installation)
43306Curtain walling/cladding works
43307Installation of doors, gates, grilles and windows
43309Building completion and finishing n.e.c.
43901Foundation works (including micropiling, conventional piling and underpinning)
43902Brick laying, stone setting and cement works
43903Roofing works (including timber carcassing)
43904Production of pre-cast components
43905Scaffolding works
43906Sandblasting/Shotblasting works (except ships)
43907Production of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) modules
43909Other specialised construction and related activities n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
46100Wholesale on a fee or commission basis (excluding online marketplaces)
46211Wholesale of cut flowers and plants
46212Wholesale of aquarium fishes (including food and accessories)
46213Wholesale of pet birds and animals (including food and accessories)
46219Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals n.e.c. (excluding tropical produce)
46221Wholesale of rubber (including rubber brokers)
46222Wholesale of pepper and other spices
46223Wholesale of coffee, cocoa and tea
46224Wholesale of coconut
46225Wholesale of palm oil
46229Wholesale of tropical produce n.e.c.
46301Wholesale of fruits and vegetables (including fresh and frozen)
46302Wholesale of livestock, meat, poultry, eggs and seafood (including fresh and frozen)
46303Wholesale of a general line (wide range) of groceries (e.g. cereals, sugar, edible oils, sauces and dairy products)
46304Wholesale of confectionery and bakery products
46305Wholesale of ice-cream
46306Wholesale of health supplements
46307Wholesale of liquor, soft drinks and beverages
46308Wholesale of tobacco products
46309Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco n.e.c. (including dried or canned)
46411Wholesale of textiles and leathers
46412Wholesale of adults' clothing
46413Wholesale of children and infants’ clothing (including products and accessories for infants)
46414Wholesale of footwear
46415Wholesale of bags, luggage and travel accessories
46416Wholesale of sewing and clothing accessories (e.g. button, thread, lace, zip, belt, tie)
46421Wholesale of jewellery made from precious metals and stones
46422Wholesale of costume jewellery
46423Wholesale of watches and clocks
46424Wholesale of cosmetics and toiletries
46429Wholesale of personal effects n.e.c.
46431Wholesale of furniture (including mattresses, cushions)
46432Wholesale of furnishings (including curtains, carpets, wallpaper)
46433Wholesale of lighting and lighting accessories
46434Wholesale of crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils
46435Wholesale of household electrical appliances and equipment (including household air-conditioners)
46436Wholesale of audio and video equipment except electrical and electronic components (e.g. radio and television sets, sound reproducing and recording equipment)
46437Wholesale of musical instruments and scores
46439Wholesale of furniture, home furnishings and other household equipment n.e.c.
46441Wholesale of sporting goods and equipment (including bicycles and healthcare equipment)
46442Wholesale of music and video recordings (e.g. DVDs, Blu-ray discs)
46443Wholesale of toys and games
46444Wholesale of computer games (including electronic games and video game consoles)
46449Wholesale of sporting and other recreational goods n.e.c.
46451Wholesale of antiques and works of art
46452Wholesale of handicrafts and gifts
46453Wholesale of artificial flowers and plants
46459Wholesale of handicrafts and fancy goods n.e.c.
46461Wholesale of medicinal and pharmaceutical products (Western)
46462Wholesale of medicine and herbs (other than Western)
46471Wholesale of paper and paper products
46472Wholesale of packaging materials
46473Wholesale of stationery
46474Wholesale of books and magazines
46479Wholesale of paper, paper and cellophane products and stationery n.e.c.
46491Wholesale of optical equipment and supplies (excluding binoculars)
46492Wholesale of photographic equipment and supplies (including binoculars)
46499Wholesale of other household goods n.e.c.
46511Wholesale of computer hardware and peripheral equipment (except cybersecurity related hardware and peripheral equipment)
46512Wholesale of computer software (except games and cybersecurity software)
46513Wholesale of computer accessories (e.g. memory cards, computer cables)
46514Wholesale of cybersecurity software, hardware and peripheral equipment
46521Wholesale of telecommunications equipment (excluding handphones)
46522Wholesale of electronic components
46523Wholesale of handphones, handphone peripheral equipment and other telecommunications equipment
46530Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies
46541Wholesale of industrial machinery and equipment (e.g. industrial crane)
46542Wholesale of construction equipment (e.g. concrete mixer)
46543Wholesale of lifts, escalators and industrial and office air-conditioning equipment
46544Wholesale of electrical and wiring accessories
46549Wholesale of industrial, construction and related machinery and equipment n.e.c.
46551Wholesale of marine equipment and accessories (including marine navigational equipment and radar)
46552Wholesale of aircraft equipment and supplies (including aeronautical equipment)
46559Wholesale of transport equipment except motor vehicles and motorcycles n.e.c.
46561Wholesale of motor vehicles except motorcycles and scooters
46562Wholesale of motorcycles and scooters
46563Wholesale of parts and accessories for vehicles
46591Wholesale of office machines and equipment (including accessories)
46592Wholesale of medical, professional, scientific and precision equipment
46593Wholesale of commercial food service equipment (e.g. hotel kitchen equipment)
46594Wholesale of service establishment equipment and supplies (e.g. beauty salon equipment)
46595Wholesale of security and safety equipment
46599Wholesale of other machinery and equipment n.e.c.
46610Wholesale of fuels and related products
46620Wholesale of metals and metal ores (e.g. steel pipes) except general hardware
46631Wholesale of logs, sawn timber, plywood and related products
46632Wholesale of general hardware (e.g. locks, hinges)
46633Wholesale of structural clay and concrete products (e.g. mosaic tiles, bricks)
46634Wholesale of paints (including varnishes and supplies)
46635Wholesale of glass
46639Wholesale of construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies n.e.c. (e.g. cement, sand)
46641Wholesale of basic industrial chemicals (except fertilisers)
46642Wholesale of chemical fertilisers
46643Wholesale of petrochemical products
46649Wholesale of chemicals and chemical products n.e.c.
46651Wholesale of scrap, junk and waste dealers
46659Wholesale of other intermediate products, waste and scrap n.e.c.
46661Ship chandlers
46662Ship bunkering
46900Wholesale trade of a variety of goods without a dominant product
47101Supermarkets and hypermarkets
47102Mini-marts, convenience stores and provision shops
47103Department stores
47109Retail sale in other non-specialised stores n.e.c.
47211Retail sale of fruits and vegetables
47212Retail sale of meat, poultry, eggs and seafood
47213Retail sale of confectionery and bakery products (not manufactured on site)
47214Retail sale of health supplements
47219Retail sale of food n.e.c.
47220Retail sale of beverages
47230Retail sale of tobacco products
47311Retail sale of motor vehicles except motorcycles and scooters
47312Retail sale of motorcycles and scooters
47313Retail sale of tyres and batteries
47314Retail sale of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles
47320Retail sale of automotive fuel (e.g. petrol kiosks, CNG refilling stations)
47411Retail sale of handphones and peripheral equipment
47412Retail sale of computer hardware (including handheld computers) and peripheral equipment, and computer software (except games and cybersecurity hardware and software)
47413Retail sale of computer games (including electronic games and video game consoles)
47414Retail sale of computer and office equipment consumables (e.g. printer cartridges)
47415Retail sale of cybersecurity software, hardware and peripheral equipment
47420Retail sale of audio and video equipment (e.g. radio and television sets, sound reproducing and recording equipment)
47510Retail sale of textiles
47521Retail sale of paints
47522Retail sale of hardware (e.g. chains, changkols, axes)
47529Retail sale of hardware, paint and glass n.e.c. (e.g. wood, glass, sanitary ware, Do-It-Yourself materials)
47531Retail sale of furniture (including mattresses, cushions)
47532Retail sale of furnishings (e.g. curtains, carpets, pillow cases)
47533Retail sale of lighting and lighting accessories
47534Retail sale of crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils
47535Retail sale of household electrical appliances and equipment (e.g. vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators)
47536Retail sale of musical instruments and scores
47537Retail sale of security and safety equipment
47539Retail sale of electrical household appliances, furniture, lighting equipment and other household articles n.e.c.
47610Retail sale of books, newspapers and stationery (including newsvendors)
47620Retail sale of music and video recordings (e.g. DVDs, Blu-ray discs)
47630Retail sale of sports apparel and equipment (including bicycles, boats and healthcare equipment)
47640Retail sale of games and toys
47711Retail sale of clothing for adults
47712Retail sale of children and infants’ clothing (including products and accessories for infants)
47713Retail sale of footwear
47714Retail sale of bags, luggage and travel accessories
47715Retail sale of sewing and clothing accessories (e.g. button, thread, lace, zip, belt, tie)
47719Retail sale of clothing, footwear and leather articles n.e.c.
47721Retail sale of cosmetics and toiletries (including skin care products)
47722Pharmacies and drug stores (Western)
47723Chinese medicine shops
47729Retail sale of pharmaceutical and medical goods n.e.c.
47731Retail sale of jewellery made from precious metals and stones
47732Retail sale of costume jewellery
47733Retail sale of watches and clocks
47739Retail sale of personal effects n.e.c.
47741Retail sale of antiques and works of art
47742Retail sale of handicrafts, collectibles and gifts
47743Retail sale of cut flowers (including wreaths)
47744Retail sale of artificial flowers and plants
47745Retail sale of aquarium fishes (including food and accessories)
47746Retail sale of pet birds and animals (including food and accessories)
47749Retail sale of handicrafts and fancy goods, flowers, plants and pet animals n.e.c.
47751Retail sale of spectacles and other optical goods
47752Retail sale of cameras and other photographic goods
47759Retail sale of optical and photographic goods n.e.c.
47761Retail sale of joss paper and other ceremonial products
47762Retail sale of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
47769Retail sale of specific commodities n.e.c.
47770Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores
47801Stalls (including pushcarts) selling uncooked food
47802Stalls (including pushcarts) selling other commodities (other than uncooked food)
49101Railroad services
49102Mass rapid transit systems (including light rail)
49211Public bus services (scheduled services)
49212Chartered bus services (including school buses)
49213Inter-country bus services
49214Street-hail and ride-hail service providers
49215Rental and leasing of cars with driver (excluding street-hail and ride-hail service providers)
49220Aerial cableways (including cable car services)
49231Freight transport by road
49232Moving services
49233Rental and leasing of freight land transport vehicle (e.g. lorries and trucks) with driver
49300Transport via pipelines
50011International cruise services
50012Other sight-seeing cruise services (e.g. harbour and river cruises)
50013Passenger ferry services
50014Chartering of ships and boats with crew (passenger)
50021Shipping companies, including chartering of ships and boats with crew (freight)
50022Operators and charterers of barges, tugboats and bumboats (freight)
50023Branches of foreign shipping lines
51001Airlines (passenger)
51002Airlines (freight)
51003Branches of foreign airlines (passenger)
51004Branches of foreign airlines (freight)
51005Aircraft chartering with operator
52101General warehousing
52102Refrigerated warehousing and storage
52103Storage for dangerous goods
52109Specialised storage n.e.c. (e.g. wine warehousing, document storage and warehousing)
52211Carpark management and operation services
52212Motor vehicle towing services
52219Supporting services to land transport n.e.c.
52221Representative offices of foreign shipping lines
52222Shipping agencies (freight)
52223Port operators
52224Lighterage services
52225Salvaging of distressed vessels and cargos
52226Ship management services
52227Ship brokering services
52229Supporting services to water transport n.e.c.
52231Representative offices of foreign airlines
52232Airline agencies (freight)
52233Airport operation services
52234Airport terminal services (e.g. ground service activities)
52239Supporting services to air transport n.e.c.
52241Container depot services
52242Crane services for all industries except construction
52243Stevedoring services
52251Classification societies
52252Marine surveying services other than classification societies
52291Cargo surveying services
52292Freight transport arrangement
53100National post activities (e.g. postal services)
53200Courier activities other than national post activities
55103Short term accommodation activities other than hotels and chalets
55900Hostels and dormitories for students, workers and other individuals
56121Fast food outlets
56122Food courts, coffee shops and canteens (with mainly food and beverage income)
56123Food kiosks mainly for takeaway and delivery
56140Stalls selling cooked food and prepared drinks (including stalls at food courts and mobile food hawkers)
56200Food caterers
58110Publishing of books, brochures, musical books and other publications
58120Publishing of directories and mailing lists (including financial databases)
58131Publishing of news
58132Publishing of journals, periodicals and magazines
58190Other publishing activities (excluding online marketplaces)
58201Publishing of games software/applications
58202Publishing of software/applications (non-games)
59111Movie production
59112Production of advertisements, corporate videos and event videos
59113Production of dramas, variety shows and documentaries (including production of television programme)
59114Animation production
59119Movie, video, television and other programme production activities n.e.c.
59120Movie, video, television and other programme post-production activities (including remastering)
59131Movie distribution
59132Distribution of television programmes (e.g. dramas, variety shows and documentaries)
59139Movie, video, television and other programme distribution activities n.e.c.
59140Movie projection activities (including cinemas)
59201Sound recording production
59202Music publishing and distribution activities
60100Radio programme production and broadcasting
60200Television programming and broadcasting (including cable, satellite, terrestrial television, internet and mobile)
61011Wired telecommunications network operation (including fixed-line, fibre optics, local/international PSTN and leased circuits)
61012Mobile cellular and other wireless telecommunications network operation
61013Satellite telecommunications network operation
61091Telecommunications resellers/third party telecommunications providers (including value-added network operators)
61092Internet access providers, include ISPs
61099Other telecommunications activities n.e.c. (e.g. provision of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol services))
62011Development of software and applications (except games and cybersecurity)
62012Development of computer games
62013Development of software for cybersecurity
62021Information technology consultancy (except cybersecurity)
62022Information technology cybersecurity consultancy
62023Computer facilities management activities
62090Other information technology and computer service activities (e.g. disaster recovery services)
63111Data centres
63112Hosting services by non-data centres
63119Data analytics, processing and related activities n.e.c.
63120Internet search engines
63201Online marketplaces for goods (including food)
63202Online marketplaces for health services
63203Online marketplaces for education services
63204Online marketplaces for travel services
63205Online marketplaces for real estate services
63209Online marketplaces for services n.e.c.
63901News agency activities
63909Other information service activities n.e.c.
64110Central bank
64120Full banks
64130Wholesale banks
64140Merchant banks
64150Finance companies (with deposit taking functions)
64190Other monetary intermediation
64201Bank/Financial holding companies (including insurance holding company)
64202Other holding companies
64300Trusts, funds and similar financial entities (e.g. collective portfolio investment funds (excluding those with rental income))
64910Financial leasing companies
64921Thrift and loan societies and credit associations
64922Credit card services
64923Mutual benefits organisations
64929Other credit agencies n.e.c. (e.g. motor finance)
64991Factoring companies
64992Representative offices of foreign banks
64993Remittance services
64994Treasury centres
64999Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding activities n.e.c.
65110Life insurance
65121Marine insurance
65122Captive insurance
65123Import, export and credit insurance
65124General insurance (except marine and import, export & credit insurance)
65201Life reinsurance
65202General reinsurance
65301Provident funding
65302Pension funding
66110Securities and commodities exchange
66121Stock, share and bond brokers and dealers
66122Foreign exchange brokers and dealers
66123Gold bullion brokers and dealers
66124Commodity (excluding gold) and futures brokers and dealers
66125Carbon credit brokers/traders
66126Money-changing services
66129Security dealings and commodity contracts brokerage activities n.e.c.
66191Trustee, fiduciary and custody services firms (including nominee companies, trustees and REIT trustees)
66192Corporate finance advisory services
66193Clearing and settlement of financial instruments
66194Activities auxiliary to fund management activities (e.g. independent fund administration firms)
66195Transaction/Payment processing services
66199Other activities auxiliary to financial service activities n.e.c. (e.g. mortgage advisory firms)
66210Risk and damage evaluation (e.g. loss adjusting, claims adjusting)
66221Insurance agencies and agents (including financial planning services)
66222Insurance brokers
66291Representative offices of foreign insurers and professional reinsurers
66292Captive managers
66299Other activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding n.e.c. (e.g. activities of actuaries)
66301Traditional/Long-only asset/Portfolio management
66302Hedge fund management
66303Property fund management (including REIT management and direct property fund management)
66304Private equity firms
66305Venture capital activities
66306Single/Multiple family offices activities (e.g. managing investments and trusts for a single or multiple families)
66307Private debt funds
66309Fund management activities n.e.c.
68101Real estate developers
68102Operating of serviced apartments
68103Letting of self-owned or leased real estate property except food courts, coffee shops and canteens (e.g. office/exhibition space, shopping mall, self-storage facilities)
68104Letting and operating of self-owned or leased food courts, coffee shops and canteens (with mainly rental income)
68105Collective portfolio investment funds with rental income
68106Management of self-owned strata titled property (i.e. Management Corporation Strata Title)
68201Real estate agencies and valuation services
68202Town councils
68203Residential (other than town councils), commercial and industrial real estate management
68209Real estate activities on a fee or commission basis n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
69101Legal activities (excluding online marketplaces)
69102Arbitration and mediation services (excluding online marketplaces)
69201Accounting and auditing services (excluding online marketplaces)
69202Book-keeping services (excluding online marketplaces)
70101Activities of head and regional head offices; Centralised administrative offices and subsidiary management offices
70102Business representative offices
70201Management consultancy services
70202Management consultancy services for healthcare organisations
70203Management consultancy services for hotels
70204Human resource consultancy services
70205Public relations, marketing and brand consultancy services
70206Port, shipping and maritime-related consultancy services
70209Management consultancy services n.e.c.
71111Architectural services
71112Landscape design and landscape architecture
71113Quantity surveying services
71114Land surveying services
71119Other surveying services n.e.c. (e.g. geophysical, geologic, seismic, hydrographic surveying services)
71121General building engineering design and consultancy services
71122Process and industrial plant engineering design and consultancy services
71123Engineering design and consultancy services in energy management and clean energy systems
71124Environmental engineering design and consultancy services (except clean energy)
71125Infrastructure engineering design and consultancy services
71126Engineering design and consultancy services supporting mining, oil and gas extraction and offshore exploration activities
71129Engineering design and consultancy activities n.e.c.
71200Technical testing and analysis services (including certification of products and services)
72101Research and experimental development on biotechnology (excluding medical science)
72102Research and experimental development on electronics (excluding medical science)
72103Research and experimental development on chemicals (excluding medical science)
72104Research and experimental development on engineering
72105Research and experimental development on environment and clean technologies (excluding biotechnology)
72106Research and experimental development on medical science
72109Research and experimental development on natural sciences n.e.c.
72200Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities
73100Advertising activities
73200Market research and public opinion polling
74111Electronics-related industrial design services
74112Transport-related industrial design services
74113Furniture design services
74119Industrial design activities n.e.c.
74191Interior design services
74192Art and graphic design services
74193Fashion (including accessories) design services
74194Exhibition stand design services
74199Other specialised design activities n.e.c.
74200Photographic activities
74901Translation services
74902Brokerage and consultancy services of intellectual property assets
74903Agrotechnology consultancy services
74904Carbon consultancy services
74905Agents for artistes, athletes, models and other performers
74909Other professional, scientific and technical activities n.e.c.
75000Veterinary activities
77101Renting and leasing of private cars without driver (excluding online marketplaces)
77102Renting and leasing of bicycles and inline/roller skates
77109Renting and leasing of land transport equipment (except cars) without driver n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
77210Renting and leasing of recreational and sports goods
77220Renting of VCDs and DVDs
77291Renting and leasing of furniture, utensils and electronic equipment for household use
77292Renting of attire (e.g. costumes)
77299Renting and leasing of other personal and household goods n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
77310Renting of water transport equipment without operator (e.g. commercial boats and ships without operator)
77320Renting of air transport equipment without operator (e.g. airplanes without operator)
77330Renting of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
77341Renting of computers and peripheral equipment
77342Renting of office machinery and equipment
77391Renting and leasing of professional radio and television sets and sound reproducing and recording equipment
77392Renting of industrial machinery and equipment
77399Renting of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
77400Leasing of non-financial intangible assets (e.g. patents, trade marks, brand names etc)
78101IT manpower contracting services
78102Manpower contracting services (excluding IT manpower)
78103Domestic worker employment placement agencies (excluding online marketplaces)
78104Employment agencies (excluding domestic worker employment placement agencies and online marketplaces)
78300Management of human resource functions
79101Travel agencies and tour operators (mainly inbound)
79102Travel agencies and tour operators (mainly outbound)
79200Timesharing service activities
80100Private security activities
80200Detective and investigation activities
81211General cleaning services (including cleaning of public areas, offices and factories) except household cleaning and online marketplaces
81212Domestic/Household cleaning services (excluding online marketplaces)
81291Pest control services not in connection with agriculture
81292Cleaning of swimming pools, spas and fountains
81299Other cleaning services n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
81300Landscape planting, care and maintenance service activities (e.g. garden installation and maintenance, grass cutting, tree felling, pruning)
82110Office administrative services on a fee or contract basis (e.g. billing and record keeping)
82191Stenographic and secretarial services
82192Duplicating and photo-copying services
82199Other specialised office support activities n.e.c.
82200Call centres
82301Exhibition organisers
82302Convention/Conference organisers
82303Event/Concert organisers
82304Exhibition stand contractors
82911Debt collection services
82912Credit rating agencies
82920Packaging activities
82991Activities of auction houses
82999Other business support service activities (e.g. administration of loyalty programmes)
84110Executive, legislative and other general public administration (e.g. Istana, parliament, tax authority)
84120Public administration of economic and social programmes
84210Foreign affairs
84221Armed forces
84229Defence activities n.e.c.
84231Judiciary and related services
84234Other places of detention, correction and rehabilitation
84235Civil defence
84239Public order and safety activities n.e.c.
85101Nurseries and kindergartens
85102Primary schools
85211Secondary schools including combined primary and secondary schools
85212Junior colleges and centralised pre-university institutes (post-secondary non-tertiary) including combined secondary schools and post-secondary non-tertiary schools
85213Commercial schools offering general secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education programmes
85220Technical and vocational secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education
85230International and foreign system schools
85240Schools for special needs
85250Specialised education schools
85303Teachers' training institute
85304Commercial schools offering higher education programmes
85401Training courses for construction, real estate, security and investigation services, cleaning, landscaping, waste management and pest management
85407Training courses for sports and games
85408Training courses for music, dancing, art, speech and drama
85402Training courses for healthcare, education, community and social services
85409Training courses n.e.c.
85406Training courses for wholesale trade, logistics and transport
85403Training courses for food and beverage, retail and accommodation, tour operators, travel agencies & travel-related reservation services
85404Training courses for manufacturing
85405Training courses for information and communications, finance and professional services
85501Student recruitment agencies
85502Examination and accreditation agencies for education services
85509Educational support services n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
86101Acute hospitals
86102Community hospitals
86109Other hospitals n.e.c. (e.g. psychiatric hospital)
86201Clinics and other general medical services (Western)
86202Clinics and other general medical services (Non-Western)
86203Specialised medical services (including day surgical centres)
86204Dental services
86901Medical laboratories (e.g. blood analysis laboratories)
86902Medical diagnostic imaging centres (e.g. X-ray services)
86903Ambulance and medical evacuation services
86904Home healthcare services
86905Dialysis services
86909Other health services n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
87010Nursing and personal care facilities (including nursing homes and hospices)
87021Residential care services for the elderly (e.g. home for the aged)
87022Residential care services for children (e.g. children’s homes, orphanages)
87029Other residential care services n.e.c.
88101Social services for the elderly (e.g. befriender services, meal services, drop-in centres)
88102Social services for persons with disabilities (e.g. day activity centres for people with disabilities)
88911Child care services for pre-school children (including infant care services)
88912Child/Student care services for school-going children (e.g. before and after-school care centres, student care centres)
88913Social services for children and youths (e.g. youth outreach services, adoption services)
88919Social services without accommodation for children, youth and families n.e.c.
88920Community development councils and grassroots organisations
88991Job training and vocational rehabilitation services
88992Charitable and other supporting activities aimed at humanitarian work
88999Other social services without accommodation n.e.c.
90001Production of live stage presentations
90002Performing arts venue operation
90003Orchestras, musical bands, choirs and dance groups
90009Dramatic arts, music and other arts production-related activities n.e.c. (e.g. stage, lighting and sound services)
91010Libraries and archives activities
91029Preservation of historical sites, buildings, artefacts and paintings, cultural villages and other related activities n.e.c.
91030Botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves activities
92001Horse-racing and other betting activities
93111Fitness centres and gymnasiums
93119Operation of sports facilities n.e.c. (e.g. bowling alleys, tennis centres, billiard halls, football stadium)
93120Activities of sports clubs/associations and related activities
93201Amusement theme parks
93202Game arcade, online game aggregator, LAN game operators and gaming centres
93203Night clubs, discotheques, dance clubs and karaoke lounges
93204Recreation clubs (including country clubs)
93209Other amusement and recreation activities n.e.c. (including recreation parks/beaches and recreational fishing)
94110Activities of business and employers' membership organisations
94120Activities of professional membership organisations (e.g. medical associations, law societies, accountancy bodies)
94200Activities of trade unions
94913Buddhist/Taoist temples
94914Hindu/Sikh temples
94919Activities of religious organisations n.e.c.
94920Activities of political organisations
94991Philanthropic trusts, foundations and related activities
94992Ethnic associations (including clan associations, huay kuans)
94993Associations for hobbies, recreational, cultural and extra-curricular activities (e.g. scouts/girl guides association, book clubs and photo, music, art and craft clubs)
94994Student/Alumni bodies and related associations (e.g. parent-teacher associations, old boys' associations)
94995Organisations for the protection of the environment and animals
94999Activities of other membership organisations n.e.c.
95110Repair and maintenance of computer hardware, data processing equipment and computer peripherals
95120Repair of communications equipment (e.g. mobile phones and fax machines)
95210Repair of audio and video equipment (e.g. television sets, speakers and DVD players)
95220Repair of domestic electrical/electronic appliances except audio and video equipment (e.g. refrigerators, washing machines and room air-conditioners)
95230Repair of footwear and leather goods
95240Repair and restoration of cabinets, furniture, upholstery, window shades and other fixtures
95291Repair of bicycles and tricycles
95292Repair of watches and clocks
95293Repair of jewellery
95299Repair of other personal and household goods n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
95301Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles (including installation of parts & accessories)
95302Car washing and related services
95303Vehicle inspection and valuation services
96011Laundry and dry cleaning services except self-operated laundries
96012Self-operated laundries
96021Hairdressing salons/shops (including barber shops)
96022Beauty salons and spas (including slimming, skin care and hair care centres)
96023Manicure and pedicure services
96024Massage parlours and foot reflexology
96029Beauty and other personal care services n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
96030Funeral and related activities (including embalming, cremating and cemetery services, upkeep of cemeteries)
96040Wedding and related activities (including bridal studios and wedding planners)
96091Friendship, match-making and dating services
96092Social escort services
96093Astrology, palmistry and other fortune telling services
96094Training of pets and animals
96095Care services for pets and animals
96099Other personal service activities n.e.c. (excluding online marketplaces)
97001Activities of households as employers of domestic workers
97002Activities of households as employers of other domestic personnel (e.g. housekeepers)
99010Foreign embassies and trade representative offices
99020Foreign armed forces
99090Other extra-territorial organisations and bodies
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What is SSIC?

SSIC is the national standard for classifying economic activities. It is reviewed and updated regularly. The current version in this page is the 2018 SSIC codes which are issued by the Department of Statistics.

SSIC codes primary purpose is to collect information for the analysis of business trends so that the government can implement adequate policies. When registering a company in Singapore, a company must submit at least one and no more than two SSIC codes. A primary code is a must, and a secondary one is optional.

Please note that the SSIC code should correspond with the “primary business activity” you have selected and in line with your company’s registration records with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority).

If the nature of your business changes, you may change the code at any time after the incorporation.

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